I am so glad I hired Vaughan Services. They hauled everything I needed hauled, plus they fixed all the small projects I needed done (put my garage door back on track, fixed my broken fence door, shaved my kitchen cabinet so my new fridge would fit under it, etc). It is difficult to find a handyman that will come and do a few small projects. They were friendly, reasonable, and my dogs loved them! JEAN M. IN DULUTH, MN

Very friendly and nice, very affordable pricing. They're very reliable in their work, they listen to the instruction and do as they are told. JIM R.

They get the job done. They clean everything up. They are always happy to do more if you need it. They are great! They are very thorough. SANDY ..

I've hired Vaughan Maintenance Service 3 times in the last two months as I'm packing and moving my household in Duluth. Mark is reasonable, responsive, and trustworthy. He has saved my bacon and helped me get to closing with a clean home for the buyer. I highly recommend Vaughan Maintenance Services. Thank you Mark! Andy